About Whipple
What is Whipple?

Whipple is a craft toy collectible that features special clay creme and icing pens that can be molded into beautiful keepsake designs from cupcakes to donuts, cookies and more!
Designed for children ages 7 and older, Whipple’s line of products foster creativity that you can wear, share and collect!

With Whipple’s signature craft crème, children can design and decorate a full line of fashionable, collectible treats including 2-tier cakes, pastries, macaroons, sparkle cookies, creamy donuts and more. Squeeze, decorate and display with Whipple craft creations!

Is Whipple edible?

No, Whipple products are not edible and not intended to be consumed.

What age should children be allowed to play with Whipple?

Whipple is intended for children ages seven years and above. Parents should be mindful to keep Whipple products from children under three years old, as the products contain small parts which can pose a choking hazard.

Why is my Whipple cream hard to squeeze?

Please knead the cream bag about 50 times before using to soften your cream as shown in instructions. If your cream is too hard even after you have kneaded it, please contact us.

How long will it take for my Whipple creation to dry?

The surface will dry in one to two hours but it will take around two days for cream or icing to dry completely.

Will cream or icing stain clothes?

Whipple  may  stain  clothing  items. In  the  event  that  the  cream  or  icing  gets  on  clothes,  it  is recommended to wash the items immediately with mild detergent. Stains may be difficult toremove if they are left for any length of time. To prevent stains, we recommend that children wear an apron while playing with Whipple.

How can I remove cream or icing from skin and hair?

If Whipple cream or icing gets on your skin or hair, wash gently with cold or lukewarm water. Do not leave Whipple cream or icing on your skin or hair, as they will harden and become difficult to remove.

Can I speed up the drying time of Whipple?

We  do  not  currently  have  a  process to  speed  up  drying  time.  Please dryyourcreation atroom temperature. Whipple products should never be placed near heat sources. Never use a microwaveor placeinto a freezer.

What are the main ingredients in Whipple cream and icing?

The main ingredients of the cream are water and water-solublepolymer. The main ingredient of the icing is an emulsion of water and polymerthat is similar to wood glue.

Does Whipple contain allergens?

No,  Whipple  does  not  contain  allergens  includingpeanuts,  wheat,  soy  or  dairy.However, experience the symptoms of an allergy,pleaserefrain from using Whippleand consult your physician.

Will Whipple irritate skin?

No,  chemical  substances used  in  Whipple have  been classified as  not havingskin  irritation. However,  skin  conditions may  differbetween  individualsand  may  cause  a  reaction.  If  this  occurs, please refrain from using Whipple and consult your physician. 

Are the ingredients of Whipple cream and icing safe?

It has been confirmed by third-party testing laboratories that Whipple conforms to ASTM F963, the United States Standard for Toy Safety and ASTM D4236, the United States Standard Practice for Labeling Art Materials for Chronic Health Hazards.

The ingredients of cream and icing were assessed by a toxicological expert. It has been concluded that Whipple does not pose significant risk in terms of acute toxicity and chronic health hazard.

What will happen if my children accidentally ingests or licks the cream or icing?

The cream and icing do not contain ingredients that are harmful to health. If you or your child have concerns after ingesting or licking the cream, we recommend seeking medical examination by a doctor.

How soon should I use Whipple cream or icing once I have opened the bag?

The whipple cream and icing may become hard after a few days. For best use, please use the whipple cream or icing immediately after opening. When not in use, please attach the cap on the nozzle, and then tighten.

How should I store the Whipple cream and products?

For best use, Whipple should be stored in room temperature conditions. Whipple creations and the cream and icing should never be placed near heat sources, such as a microwave, or exposed to cold.